What does your booking include

... here you will find all the added extras information for your stay ...


We are listed as a B&B, not because breakfast is included in the base tariff, but because that’s the “slot” our illustrious agents told us we best fitted into. And, you simple have too fit into a slot, don’t you? 

We are a B&B because ...... we can provide breakfast ...... is what we were told. 

So, what does your booking actually include; 

Linen, (towels, sheets, blankets, doonas) for the number of beds and people that you have made the booking for.

You need to note at this point that the base tariff for all our rooms is most often based on 2 people in 1 bed.

This is applicable even for our 2 bedroom rooms.

Use of extra bed/s or inclusion of extra people is an extra charge. You need to specify your exact requirements when making the booking.

Tea & Coffee makings are in your room (tea bags, instant coffee, sugar), milk can be provided on request or you may wish to bring your own, especially if you have requirement for anything other than plain full cream milk.

There’s liquid soap, shampoo & conditioner in a wall dispenser in your bathroom. Dish washing liquid in your kitchenette.

Breakfast can be included when you make a booking through our web-site. You will be presented with the options to chose from, and the total amount will be calculated and included in your invoice. We can’t provide this particular facility through our agents booking sites, for technical reasons, and you know how dastardly those technical reasons can be.

You may also include evening meals when you making a booking through our web site, the options will be presented as you make your way through the process. Or you can just ring us up and talk about it.

You can order meals when you are here.

See the menu pages for the current selections and pricing.

Please Note: we provide towels, if you are staying more than 1 night we normally change these every 3 days. If you wish to have them changed more often please let us know.