We have an interesting & varied collection here in our family

... the dogs, cats, cockatoo, the alpacas, chooks, ponies, the sheep & our various visitors ...


We have 3, yes, count them, 3 Chihuahua

Sparky is the eldest, and in his tiny mind not only does he think he's the pack leader he also thinks he's an attack Doberman. so don't be surprised, or offended, if Sparky greets you with a bark, he's all talk and harmless!


Then we have Onix, our girl, and mother of several litters, lovely gentle and affectionate girl, once she gets to know you.

Lastly comes Winston (Churchill), youngest, smallest, & father of the last litter, and the barkiest of them all. The smaller they get the noisier they get, it seems.

Billy (Slater) is our Whippet, a very friendly and tremendously affectionate fellow, getting on a bit now he was born in 2006.

Billy is undoubtedly the leader of the pack but he's cool about, watches on and only gets involved when entirely necessary, and/or when there's food involved.


There's our Cockatoo, Cockie we call him, because that's what everyone else calls him & why swim against the tide, he will talk to you, doesn't bite, loves people to pay attention to him. He's probably the centre of attraction too.


Alpaca 3, Cocoa born 2016, dominatrix of the property, mother of several. Friendly if and when she feels like it, generally when there's food involved.


Kalua, born 2017 and father of several, shy guy.


Mucha latest child, great looking guy, friendly as he feels inclined.




This is Champagne and baby Cocoa in early Dec 2014, Champagne moved to another home.


Chooks, we've got plenty. The Black ones are Australopes. Then you see Orange ones and Multi Coloured ones, they are a ones we've hatched here.



Our Peacocks, 3 males & 2 females, you'll meet them when you're in the garden.

This is Sally with her chicks hatched Dec 2013.


Our Ponies, Suzzie and her foal Princess. The sheep is Horse.


Bees, there are 5 hives on the property. They don't bother you if you don't bother them.

Koalas, they don't live here permanently, but we recognize the same ones that come through on their way to and from somewhere else. Some stay for months. We've had mothers stay with here their babies for a year or more, until the babies grew and they moved on.




Then there's a mass of wild animals that come and go, especially the birds.

So we're pretty lucky really, we have a very interesting and varied collection here at Codrington Gardens.