Bring your pet with you

... your pet is welcome to stay in Overland, Bondi Express, Olive Tree or Gooseberry Cottage with you ...

Dog Friendly, Pet Friendly

Codrington Gardens is truly Dog Friendly. In fact, we are Pet Friendly in the overall sense.

Guests often bring their cats & dogs to visit, we've even had birds & a lizard, & we're very happy to see them. If there's anything we can do to help you better accommodate them on your visit let us know & we'll do our very best.

We love animals, our pets are a genuine part of the family & we welcome your pet as a member of your family too, but we do have certain requirements.

You Must Contact us First, if you are bringing your pet you must contact us before making a booking, there are special terms & conditions that you must know & agree with in advance. These will be discussed with you and/or emailed to you in advance. But they’re pretty basic, we just need to know we are all in agreement before you arrive.

Your pet is welcome to stay in certain Units with you. We allow pets to stay with guests in certain Units.

These are Units that have enclosed areas attached to them. They are the Overland, Bondi Express, Olive Tree & Gooseberry Cottage. These Units have a covered deck at the entrance that is fenced & gated (to about 900mm high), great from containing small to medium dogs (& small children for that matter) while you're in your room relaxing. 

There are a few rules;

  • You cannot leave your dog in the unit unattended; they can stay in the unit with you, but not without you. And you can't leave your dog behind on the property if you go out. There are also rooms within your unit that we don't allow your pet to go in. Such as the bedrooms.
  • Your dog MUST BE accompanied and on a lead at all times when on the property.
  • Please pick up their droppings and put them in the rubbish bin.
  • You must keep your pets out of the bedrooms & off the furniture, & bring their bed for their comfort & their own towel to clean down when returning from your walks.

There are lots of places to go with your dog in this region, secluded beaches to walk on, rivers & streams to walk along & swim in, tracks to explore. Your dog will have a great time with all the new sensations to experience.