Where are we?

... we are central to all of what is generally referred to as “the local attractions" ...


On most sites, we are listed as being in the Port Fairy "region". That is not to say we are actually in Port Fairy, we are not, we are about 18 minutes drive West of Port Fairy on the Princes Hwy.

Our actual address is Yambuk, you need to remember that if you want to use a GPS to find us.

So, why are we listed as in Port Fairy region? There’s an answer. A plausible answer. It’s because Agents, booking agents, “must” have every property nicely compartmentalised as being “somewhere”, & our somewhere has to be Port Fairy region. Some will have us as “Great Ocean Road” region, and we try to rail at the fact, with absolutely no effect.

But don’t fret, we’re not that far from Port Fairy, and many of our guests prefer to come and stay with us, rather than to stay actually in Port Fairy, because that little township gets mightily busy at holiday times, and a lot of people want to go away for their holiday, have a rest away from the rush & crush, not go into another melee.

Consider this too. If you stay in Port Fairy you would be unlikely to actually spend all of your time in Port Fairy. You’d most likely want to drive around & see the local sights, go for a picnic, walk in the National Parks, on an Ocean Beach, something like that.

In fact, Codrington Gardens used to be one of those places people staying at Port Fairy would come and visit. There used to be a charge to enter the property & look around the gardens & at the animals. Devonshire Teas were also available. The family that established the gardens made this their business for 15 years. But we closed it to the public & developed the accommodation business. So now, this place is just for you, our guests.

But the point is. Staying with us places you central to all of what is generally referred to as “the local attractions”.

Port Fairy becomes one of those local attractions, and you’ll most likely visit it from here, but you’ll also visit the other attractions, much the same as you would if you were staying in Port Fairy. That is when you chose not to enjoy the tranquility of our actual property, because some guests do far less driving than they’d expected, when they stay with us, because they have less desire to leave the property, than they would if they’d stayed in say a Motel or Hotel in Town.

We very often hear the refrain from our guests, “we just wanted to come home”, when they ventured out. Or “we just wanted to stay home & enjoy the gardens & peace & quite”.

You’ve gardens here, lawns, room to move around leisurely, & relax & enjoy nature, breath the air, listen to the birds sing. 

Then, there are our animals, lots of people just love being able to get up close to them, especially the kids. You will rarely see greater joy on a child’s face than when they come back from a visit to the Chicken House with Yuan clutching a fresh egg or nursing a little fluffy chicken. You will not experience this in Town.

So there’s a pay-off for that extra little 18 minutes drive if you’re looking to stay in "Port Fairy" but also looking for the sorts of things our venue offers.


4887 Princes Hwy
Codrington, Victoria 3285
Phone:  (03) 5568 4203