Consider staying at Codrington Gardens

... it’s quiet, tranquil & relaxing. crystal clean air with wonderful peaceful places to visit ...


Yuan & I want to see our guests enjoy their stay & leave our property feeling happy, relaxed & recharged.

Seriously, there's no point otherwise.

But, as we all know, one person's pleasure can be another's poison, so it's important that you consider why you'd come & stay here, what the property & the area has to offer, & whether this suits your requirements & expectations or not. 

The most important thing to consider is that we are situated in the middle of Victoria's least commercialised coastal area, you are going to see the "old" Victoria, a country region before being inundated with commercialisation and tourism developments.

The good aspect of that is, it’s quiet, tranquil & relaxing. Crystal clean air & wonderful peaceful places to visit.

The downside is, you can't walk out of our gate and into a shopping center, we're 7 klm from the nearest shop, 27 klm from the nearest town, there are maybe 10 or 15 houses within a 9 klm radius of our place.

You'd come to Codrington Gardens because;

  • you want to enjoy a unique holiday venue
  • you want a holiday away from the hustle and bustle
  • you'd enjoy &/or want to experience rural solitude and atmosphere
  • you want to enjoy an un-spoilt, un-commercialised region
  • you want outdoors activities; fishing, walking, site seeing, nature walks
  • you want to have room to move & to get away from the crowds
  • you're interested in gardens & animals
  • you want to give your family an "out of city" experience

You wouldn't come to Codrington Gardens because;

  • you want to go to Disney Land or a Theme Park
  • you want flashing lights and poker machines
  • you want to eat franchise fast food every night
  • you want to go "Mall" shopping
  • you enjoy being involved in a melee  

We hope that helps you with your considerations, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you want further clarification or information.