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 Geoff & Yuan


Codrington Settlement & Gardens

4887 Princes Highway, Yambuk, VIC. 3285

Tel: 03 5568 4203
Int'l Tel: 61 3 5568 4203
Email:  stay@codringtongardens.com.au
Web: www.codringtongardens.com.au




Codrington Gardens is located on the South West coast of Victoria, Australia, between Portland and Port Fairy.

Portland is recognised as the birth place of Victoria, being the first area settled. Visitors to the fishing village of Port Fairy are surprised to learn that, at one time, the town was the second largest port in Victoria. Until, of course, they start strolling through the streets and see for the themselves the wealth of history in the buildings and other man made structures.

See the 'to do' pages for more information about the surrounding area.



through the HINTERLANDS

The shorter route is taking the B140 Hamilton Hwy from the Geelong Bi-Pass through the Western Plains, keep on this road to Mortlake then following the sign to Warnambool to join the Princes Hwy. This route takes about 3.45 hours from CBD. This route has the least traffic.

You can also travel Princes Hwy all the way from Melbourne, going through Geelong & on through the Volcanic Hinterland and see more of our country Townships on the way. This route takes about 4.15 hours from CBD. This route has more traffic, especially in holiday periods, it also passes through more Townships.


Another scenic route is along the Great Ocean Road; but be aware, this is a much longer trip taking around 7 or 8 hours from Melbourne CBD (with the inevitable stops) but some people believe it's worth the extra time & effort for the scenery. This route has far more traffic, and can be very busy in holiday periods. It passes through a lot of Townships and the road is very winding.

There's an approach sign for our property 400 meters before the driveway and we are located on the left hand side of the road.


Very straight forward, head for Portland either along the coast road or through Hamilton, from Portland we are 47 kilometers further on.

Pass through Codrington, there's no Township, just a region sign, and there's an approach sign for our property 400 meters before the driveway and we are located on the right hand side of the road.